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noun Veterinary Pathology.
  1. any catarrhal inflammation of the eyes and nasal passages of poultry.
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Origin of roup1

First recorded in 1800–10; origin uncertain


  1. hoarseness or huskiness.
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Origin of roup2

First recorded in 1575–85; probably imitative


noun, verb (used with object) Scot. and North England.
  1. auction(defs 1, 3).
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Origin of roup3

1250–1300; Middle English roupen to cry, shout < Old Norse raupa to boast (or hrōpa to shout)
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Historical Examples

  • Roup is caused by exposure to excessive wet or very cold winds.


    Hugh Piper

  • Roup is a disease of the wrong system and careless management.

    The Dollar Hen

    Milo M. Hastings

  • They were both bidding at the roup and some business thegither.

    The Judge

    Rebecca West

  • A man would come to the roup late, and learn that the seat he wanted had been knocked down.

    Auld Licht Idylls

    J. M. Barrie

  • The more usual words in old English were outcry, outrope (still familiar in Scotland as roup, cf. German ruf) and port sale.

    Prices of Books

    Henry B. Wheatley

British Dictionary definitions for roup


  1. vet science any of various chronic respiratory diseases of birds, esp poultry
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Derived Formsroupy, adjective

Word Origin

C16: of unknown origin


verb (tr)
  1. to sell by auction
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  1. an auction
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Word Origin

C16 (originally: to shout): of Scandinavian origin; compare Icelandic raupa to boast
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