[ roi-al ]


  1. custard cut into shapes and used as a garnish in soups.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of royale1

< French, noun use of feminine of royal royal
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Example Sentences

In previous years, whoever won the most wars also won the battle royale and was crowned ruler of Riddler Nation.

The inflection point for this increase in creator power was the release of the battle royale title Apex Legends, according to Jason Baker, Smith’s co-founder at Do Not Peek Entertainment.

From Digiday

What better character to accomplish that than Jonesy from the popular battle royale “Fortnite,” proving that a game all about metaverse crossovers can even cross over with Smash.

Change first came for Bond when Casino Royale effectively rebooted the franchise entirely in 2006, and then again in 2008, when Quantum of Solace not only acknowledged the existence of Casino Royale but presented itself as a direct sequel.

From Vox

TeaTime, makers of Trivia Royale, is giving Disrupt attendees a break from all the serious learnings by hosting TC trivia.

It was less of a duel and more of a WWE-styled battle royale.

On his death, he left just thirteen Bond titles, from Casino Royale to The Man with the Golden Gun.

But Fleming himself also joked that he began Casino Royale to take his mind off his forthcoming marriage to Anne Rothermere.

The 47-year-old Danish actor, best known for his role in Casino Royale, has recently been chowing down on humans.

But anybody looking forward to a Hudson River battle royale will be disappointed, say friends and advisers to both.

The Dutch held the park in force, but could not penetrate into the Place Royale, which was defended by a strong barricade.

Every house in the Rue Royale was full of insurgents, who fired from the windows on the Dutch.

A carriage forcibly stopped in the Rue Royale, and in broad daylight—only this Tartar would have dared such a stroke as that!

The club in the Rue Royale, which was famous for its gambling parties, rarely saw one so desperate as the gaming of that night.

The society, called Royale, and its secret committee, maintained a power superior to the laws.





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