rub up


  1. whenintr, foll by on to refresh one's memory (of)
  2. tr to smooth or polish

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Example Sentences

Will it ever occur to people that so many who rub up against Facebook later notice that their watch and wallet are missing?

“It feels good, especially when you rub up against each other,” adds Trisha.

I've long been fixated, low-budget Edith Wharton-like, on what happens when different strata of society rub up against each other.

But a good cry is a very good thing,—and it is always well to rub up the officials of the Admiralty by a little wholesome abuse.

It would be very pleasant to study it with you, if I could possibly find time to rub up my knowledge.

He did rub up against a leaf and brush her off for a minute, but she was right back and talking to him again.

I have no business here, but I simply desired to rub up against greatness for awhile.

Rub up some ochre or any other coloring substance with a little linseed oil, enough to give it the right, color and thickness.


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