Rubʿ al Khali

[ Arabic roob ahl khah-lee; English roob al kah-lee ]
/ Arabic ˌrʊb ɑl ˈxɑ li; English ˌrʊb æl ˈkɑ li /
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a desert in southern Arabia, north of Hadhramaut and extending from Yemen to Oman. About 250,000 sq. mi. (647,500 sq. km).
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Also called Ar Ri·mal [ahr ri-mahl], /ˌɑr rɪˈmɑl/, Dah·na [dah-nuh, -huh-nuh], /ˈdɑ nə, -hə nə/, Emp·ty Quar·ter, Great Sand·y Des·ert .

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Rub` al Khali
/ (ˈrʊb æl ˈkɑːlɪ) /

a desert in S Arabia, mainly in Saudi Arabia, extending southeast from Nejd to Hadramaut and northeast from Yemen to the United Arab Emirates. Area: about 777 000 sq km (300 000 sq miles)English names: Great Sandy Desert, Empty Quarter Also called: Ar Rimal
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