rubber tree

  1. any tree that yields latex from which rubber is produced, especially Hevea brasiliensis, of the spurge family, native to South America, the chief commercial source of rubber.

Origin of rubber tree

First recorded in 1840–50

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How to use rubber tree in a sentence

  • Could you pull the rubber tree out as high as the stars, and would it snap back again?

    Fil and Filippa | John Stuart Thomson
  • Awnings of cloth, cunningly treated with the juice from the bark of the wild rubber tree, protected them from the rain.

    The Red Lure | Roy J. Snell
  • And my hands are made of the rubber tree so I can wiggle my fingers easily and turn the keys to wind the machinery.

    Dot and Tot of Merryland | L. Frank Baum
  • The rubber tree grows below, and a climate for barley is found in a few days journey towards the sky.

    The Sea and the Jungle | H. M. Tomlinson
  • Here are leaves shooting out like rafts, thick, like the leaves of a rubber-tree, but larger and of a deep red.

    Lord Dolphin | Harriet A. Cheever

British Dictionary definitions for rubber tree

rubber tree

  1. a tropical American euphorbiaceous tree, Hevea brasiliensis, cultivated throughout the tropics, esp in Malaya, for the latex of its stem, which is the major source of commercial rubber: See also Pará rubber

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