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[ ruhb-uh-ree ]


  1. like rubber; elastic; tough.


/ ˈrʌbərɪ /


  1. having the texture of or resembling rubber, esp in flexibility or toughness

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Word History and Origins

Origin of rubbery1

First recorded in 1905–10; rubber 1 + -y 1
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Example Sentences

The bottom of this mattress has a series of rubbery grips to prevent unwanted sliding.

It’s almost like their stomach is attached to a rubbery straw.

Spikes also have, well, spikes on the bottom, designed to grip the rubbery surface of the track.

Brooklyn wobbles on rubbery knees, gamely trying to stand upright, even for 10 seconds.

The wireless earbuds have a sleek, oval shape and come with rubbery winglike eargels that help lock them in place.

I sweep aside clusters of leaves, clip vines, and brush away rubbery spiders.

Leno's face, although it glows with the rubbery health of the often-exfoliated, is falling, and jowls are begging to form.

He walked first to one side, and then the other, rooting in the dirt with his funny, rubbery nose.

They fell backwards in a sudden expansion of rubbery wings, as though they had stumbled into billowing dark canvas.

He carried a loose, limp, and rubbery frame well suited to the uses of a long-distance drunkard.

The heavier they become, the more rubbery they are in consistency and the less dainty and agreeable.

His stubby black hoofs have a dense, rubbery, resilient broad heel.


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