rude awakening


  1. an occurrence of being made to face an unpleasant fact
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Example Sentences

But when Francis visits the Holy Land this weekend, he may be in for a rude awakening.

But the many earnest fiscal conservatives are in for a rude awakening if Romney and Ryan win.

But for anyone who dreamed that Benedict had mellowed with age, the decision to hang the LCWR out to dry is a rude awakening.

But if it improves, even modestly, Republicans are likely in for the kind of rude awakening that Democrats experienced in 1972.

Youll have a rude awakening, my friend, if youre building any hopes on me.

Fortunately he had not changed his coat since his rude awakening.

He had a rude awakening when the sealed letter he bore was opened and read in the Council.

My shoulder was bruised and my head aching, and no one can imagine my terrible fright at such a rude awakening.

Oh, well, put in Miss Campbell, she is just an angry old spinster who got obsessed with dates and then had a rude awakening.