[ roo-dee ]


  1. a male given name, form of Rudolf.

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Example Sentences

Roku has curated their own channel of free movies and TV, showcasing slightly older movies like Hook, The Karate Kid, and Rudy, alongside TV shows like Schitt’s Creek, Without a Trace, and a stable of classic sitcoms like Bewitched.

Nike loved Rudy’s idea so much it began fashioning shoes with the design.

From Ozy

The Fundly account, established in Rudy’s name a day before Kerik launched a website for the legal defense fund in late June, raised $9,798 before the page disappeared—far short from its goal of raising $5 million in two months.

Ever since her husband, Rudy, died in 2004, dropping Monowi’s population by half, Eiler has been something of an international celebrity.

From Eater

It’s been hers since June 1971, when she and Rudy bought it from an older couple who weren’t much for upkeep.

From Eater

Ask Rudy Giuliani about how his pro-choice position worked out for him.

The journalists were, quite correctly, writing about the principals in the case: Amanda, Meredith, Raffaele, Rudy Guede.

Even Mr. 9/11, Rudy Giuliani, now a corporate front man, made that point on CNBC.

On the contrary, it should be hoisted on our collective shoulders and cheered Rudy-style.

He discovered that in the early 2000s, Rudy shared an apartment near Tampa with Rubeka and their brother Mitchell.

His mother lost her life at that spot; and Rudy's grandfather said that it was there he had lost his happy spirits.

Rudy took great pride in this knowledge; but he also learnt much from his four-footed friends.

They love flowers, and butterflies and human beings; and they were particularly fond of Rudy.

Rudy now heard for the first time of France, and of Lyons, a great town on the river Rhone, where his uncle had been.

Rudy found everything new to him—dress, habits and customs, and language, though he would soon get used to that.