[ roo-gohs, roo-gohs ]
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  1. having wrinkles; wrinkled; ridged.

  2. Botany. rough and wrinkled: applied to leaves in which the reticulate venation is very prominent beneath, with corresponding creases on the upper side.

Origin of rugose

First recorded in 1695–1705, rugose is from the Latin word rūgōsus wrinkled. See ruga, -ose1

Other words from rugose

  • ru·gose·ly, adverb
  • ru·gos·i·ty [roo-gos-i-tee], /ruˈgɒs ɪ ti/, noun

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How to use rugose in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for rugose


rugous or rugate (ˈruːɡeɪt, -ɡɪt)

/ (ˈruːɡəʊs, -ɡəʊz) /

  1. wrinkled: rugose leaves

Origin of rugose

C18: from Latin rūgōsus, from rūga a wrinkle

Derived forms of rugose

  • rugosely, adverb
  • rugosity (ruːˈɡɒsɪtɪ), noun

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