or Ruys·dael

[ rois-dahl, -deyl, rahyz-, rahys-; Dutch rœis-dahl ]
/ ˈrɔɪs dɑl, -deɪl, ˈraɪz-, ˈraɪs-; Dutch ˈrœɪs dɑl /


Ja·cob van [yah-kawp vahn] /ˌyɑ kɔp vɑn/, 1628?–82, Dutch painter.
his uncleSa·lo·mon van [sah-law-mawn vahn] /ˈsɑ lɔˌmɔn vɑn/, 1601?–70, Dutch painter.


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Example sentences from the Web for ruisdael

  • I do not give any reproductions of Ruisdael because his work loses so much in the process.

  • Though not always the most charming, Ruisdael is certainly the greatest and the most profound of the Dutch landscape painters.

  • Unlike the moment of Rembrandt and Ruisdael, which is fixed for all eternity, with Vermeer the moment vibrates in the light.

  • He is now regarded second to none but Ruisdael and his works are worth their weight in gold.

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/ (ˈriːzdɑːl, -deɪl, ˈraɪz-, Dutch ˈrœizdaːl) /


Jacob van (ˈjaːkɔp van). ?1628–82, Dutch landscape painter
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