rummage out

rummage up

  1. (tr) to find by searching vigorously; turn out

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How to use rummage out in a sentence

  • How different from the mothers that other heroines contrive to rummage out in northern turrets and ruined chapels!

    The Heroine | Eaton Stannard Barrett
  • It took some time to rummage out the muff, for Nursey had tucked it far back on the shelf behind other things.

    Nine Little Goslings | Susan Coolidge
  • It can't possibly take me very long to go down and rummage out something for your comfort.

    Darkness and Dawn | George Allan England
  • Calkerlate Ill take a look through his pockets, he said; might rummage out something worth havin.

  • Let the nonsenseorship invade the secret closets of our personality and rummage out our most cherished suppressed desires.

    Nonsenseorship | G. G. Putnam and Others