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[ ruhn-in ]


  1. a quarrel; argument.
  2. Printing. matter that is added to a text, especially without indenting for a new paragraph.


  1. Printing. added to a text without indenting.

run in


  1. to run (an engine) gently, usually for a specified period when it is new, in order that the running surfaces may become polished
  2. tr to insert or include
  3. intr (of an aircraft) to approach a point or target
  4. informal.
    tr to take into custody; arrest

    he was run in for assault


  1. informal.
    an argument or quarrel

    he had a run-in with the boss yesterday

  2. an approach to the end of an event, etc

    the run-in to the championship

  3. printing matter inserted in an existing paragraph

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Word History and Origins

Origin of run-in1

First recorded in 1900–05; noun, adj. use of verb phrase run in

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Example Sentences

His only known run-in with the law was a 300-euro fine for failing to stop at the scene of an accident and lacking insurance.

Reyes later laughed it off as a “run-in” over what to watch on TV that night.

At that same age, Cavill had a chance run-in with his would be co-star and idol, Russell Crowe.

With the president still reeling from his last run-in with Mitt Romney, the stakes on Tuesday night are enormous.

Diane Dimond on why Dottie won't take the stand—and her surprise run-in with Sandusky himself.

"Had a little run-in with Sobber," said Dick to his brothers, when he got the chance, and related the particulars.

I hear you've had a run-in with the bad man of Chicito Caon, son.

Run-in paragraph heads should use period/dashes or colons as necessary.

Also that he had a run-in with a captain that was on the football team, and because of this argument he went off the team.

While he struck inland to go round a mountain, the boat pursued her course; but a fresh gale compelled her to run in-shore.