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[ ruhn-doun ]


  1. a quick review or summary of main points of information, usually oral:

    This brief rundown of past events will bring you up to date.

  2. Baseball. a play in which a base runner is caught between bases by two or more players of the opposing team who toss the ball back and forth in an effort to tag the runner out.
  3. Commerce. runoff ( def 4 ).

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Word History and Origins

Origin of rundown1

1905–10, Americanism; noun use of verb phrase run down

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Example Sentences

You can see a full rundown of all the features on Apple’s website.

From Fortune

In her rundown of reopening dates, Jimenez highlights the mysterious departure of San Marcos Unified School District’s Superintendent Carmen Garcia.

On the podcast, he gave a rundown of how San Diego’s original single-family zoning law came to be and how it’s defined life in San Diego ever since.

Here’s a rundown of what we know so far about Musk’s startup—the most recent claims, the technology, and what neuroscientists say is actually possible.

From Fortune

Here’s a simplified, informal rundown of how Gödel proved his theorems.

An article in  The New York Times gives a detailed rundown of the process.

Akin retiterated this sentiment about his perceived Democratic war on women during his Daily Rundown segment this morning.

The quarters and work areas were too small for both of us, and after he gave me the rundown I wanted to get started on my own.

Brady purchased part of a rather rundown monastery and transformed it into Casa de la Torre—his own private manse.

Check out our video rundown for you weekly dose of nostalgia.

At the supper table he was as mum as a rundown clock; just set in his chair and looked at Mrs. Badger.

Greg drove from the rundown district faster than the law allowed.

"Just give us a general rundown of the conversation," Jackson said.

Between mouthfuls, the two older people gave him a rundown on the morning's mishaps.

A northerner passing a rundown looking place in the South, stopped to chat with the farmer.


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