running time


  1. Movies. the length or duration, usually expressed in minutes, of a feature film:

    The running time of the average film is 90–100 minutes.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of running time1

First recorded in 1950–55
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Example Sentences

Models that can shred more at once also have more powerful motors with longer running times.

A long running time, high capacity, and multimedia abilities work in offices where high volumes of sensitive information go to die.

It’s a madcap experiment careening through its exhausting running time with all the recklessness of a cartoon villain piloting a Panther De Ville down winding London streets without knowing the gas from the brake.

The exponent on the eventual running time is fully dependent only on the number of multiplications.

At a running time of 51 minutes, and with perhaps only half the numbers required for a full adaptation of the 2007 animated Oscar-winner, this “Ratatouille” is a mere appetizer.

Her character, Anne, spends most of the 127-minute running time in inexorable decline.

And despite the occasional three-hour running time, it does matter.

So for now, the movies are about more, even if many of us will grumble about Les Miz's running time on the way out of the theater.

The Avengers, the most successful movie of the year, had a running time of 143 minutes.

Twenty years ago, the average running time of the top-five grossing movies of the year was 118.4 minutes.

Hence there would still be forty-one minutes running time to be divided between the eastbound train and the westbound engine.

On her return trip, she reached New York in thirty hours running time—exactly five miles per hour.

These accidents are estimated to cost at most a loss of a few percent of the running time.

This, added to the fifteen of actual running time, would still give him a comfortable margin of forty-eight hours.

Deducting the time used for stops the actual running time would average sixty miles an hour.





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