[ ruhn-i-meed ]

  1. a meadow on the S bank of the Thames, W of London, England: reputed site of the granting of the Magna Charta by King John, 1215.

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How to use Runnymede in a sentence

  • One brief strip of lawn constitutes a gulf of five hundred years in architecture, and restrains Runnymede from Versailles.

    Shandygaff | Christopher Morley
  • He likewise exhorted South Carolina to "retain her ancient rights, once triumphantly asserted on the banks of the Runnymede."

  • Sergeant Runnymede drew my attention to the fact that the door had evidently been locked and bolted from within.

    The Big Bow Mystery | I. Zangwill
  • But with all its mutilations the Bristol charter of 1216 marked a more important moment than even the charter of Runnymede.

  • On February 14, the last confirmation of the charters concluded the long chapter of history, which had begun at Runnymede.

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/ (ˈrʌnɪˌmiːd) /

  1. a meadow on the S bank of the Thames near Windsor, where King John met his rebellious barons in 1215 and acceded to Magna Carta

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