[ ruhn-yuhn ]

  1. (Alfred) Da·mon [dey-muhn], /ˈdeɪ mən/, 1884–1946, U.S. journalist and short-story writer.

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How to use Runyon in a sentence

  • The coming of Runyon caused a distinct ripple in the social circles of the two border towns.

  • He rode a dun horse with golden dapples—a slim, proud thing which suited Runyon in every detail.

  • She had seen Runyon often since the afternoon on which he had made his first appearance on the Quemado Road.

  • Runyon was popular, not because he was a particularly good fellow, but because he was so supremely cheerful.

  • It had seemed to him that this final clause was the obvious thing for Runyon to say, and he had waited to see if he would say it.

British Dictionary definitions for Runyon


/ (ˈrʌnjən) /

  1. (Alfred) Damon . 1884–1946, US short-story writer, best known for his humorous tales about racy Broadway characters. His story collections include Guys and Dolls (1932), which became the basis of a musical (1950)

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