[ ruhs-tin ]


  1. Bay·ard [bey, -erd], 1910–1987, U.S. civil rights leader.

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Founded in Chicago by Rustin, along with James Farmer, George Houser and other young pacifists, CORE members lived in interracial communes, such as the Harlem Ashram in New York.

Rustin addressed a midtown Manhattan rally the day after the resolution passed, attended by more than 125,000 people.

Rustin himself understood the true breadth of the civil-rights movement.

Maybe keeping someone like Bayard Rustin in the shadows seemed to make sense at the time, but no one can argue that now.

Verrall was the real principal—Rustin, in fact; I, the ostensible one.

The machinery—what little there was of it—was lyin' there, rustin'.

To hear that this Rustin was Verrall himself, opened out a whole field of suggestive speculation to George.

I rub it on boots, I keep my guns and ax from rustin' by smearin' it on.


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