[roo-tuh-bey-guh, roo-tuh-bey-]


a brassicaceous plant, Brassica napobrassica, having a yellow- or white-fleshed, edible tuber.
the edible tuber, a variety of turnip.

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Origin of rutabaga

1790–1800, Americanism; < Swedish (dial.) rotabagge

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US and Canadian a Eurasian plant, Brassica napus (or B. napobrassica), cultivated for its bulbous edible root, which is used as a vegetable and as cattle fodder: family Brassicaceae (crucifers)
the root of this plant
Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): swede

Word Origin for rutabaga

C18: from Swedish dialect rotabagge, literally: root bag

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Word Origin and History for rutabaga



1799, from Swedish dialectal (West Götland) rotabagge, from rot "root" (see root (n.)) + bagge "bag" (see bag (n.)). Slang meaning "dollar" is from 1940s.

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