[ ruht-lij ]


  1. Ann, 1816–35, fiancée of Abraham Lincoln.
  2. Edward, 1749–1800, U.S. lawyer and statesman.
  3. his brother John, 1739–1800, U.S. jurist and statesman: associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1789–91.
  4. Wiley Blount [bluhnt], 1894–1949, U.S. jurist: associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1943–49.

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Example Sentences

Cavalli and Rutledge, the Nationals’ past two first-round picks, are the consensus top prospects in a consensus bottom-five farm system.

Yet, Rutledge and many fellow Federalists still argued, though unsuccessfully, that government needed the power to regulate the circulation of false information and promote truth — even knowing they would no longer be the ones exercising this power.

Rutledge told her that he had been a piano player with the USS California band that night.

That brought a response from John Rutledge, who ran a Florida-based newsletter, The Scuttlebutt.

Rutledge ran a story in The Scuttlebutt, and Patsy got a phone call from man saying he was her sailor.

Passing down Rutledge Street one morning I saw a crowd around the door of a building.

One of the most beautiful drives on the Clemson property is the road to Fort Rutledge which is about a mile from the college.

The words, "Ann M. Rutledge is now learning grammar," were written by Lincoln.

"Nevertheless, holding that fort is necessary to the defence of the city and State," answered Rutledge.

"You shall have plenty of powder and ball," answered Rutledge, as he sent Moultrie back to his post.


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