/ (ˈsæbxə, -kə) /


a flat coastal plain with a salt crust, common in Arabia

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Word Origin for sabkha

C19: from Arabic

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Examples from the Web for sabkha

  • It overtook them in soil known as "Sabkha," signifying low-lying clay mixed with salt, churned by wet into greasy, sticky mud.

    The Life of Mohammad|Etienne Dinet

Science definitions for sabkha


[ săbkə ]

A flat area between a desert and an ocean, characterized by a crusty surface consisting of evaporite deposits (including salt, gypsum, and calcium carbonate), windblown sediments, and tidal deposits. Sabkhas form primarily through the evaporation of sea water that seeps upward from a shallow water table and through the drying of windblown sea spray.
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