[ sa-shey or, esp. British, sash-ey ]
/ sæˈʃeɪ or, esp. British, ˈsæʃ eɪ /


a small bag, case, or pad containing perfuming powder or the like, placed among handkerchiefs, lingerie, etc., to impart a pleasant scent.
Also sachet powder. the powder contained in such a case.


Origin of sachet

1475–85; < Middle French, equivalent to sach- (combining form of sac sack1) + -et -et

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British Dictionary definitions for sachet


/ (ˈsæʃeɪ) /


a small sealed envelope, usually made of plastic or paper, for containing sugar, salt, shampoo, etc
  1. a small soft bag containing perfumed powder, placed in drawers to scent clothing
  2. the powder contained in such a bag

Word Origin for sachet

C19: from Old French: a little bag, from sac bag; see sack 1
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