[ sak-ruh-fahys ]
/ 藞s忙k r蓹藢fa瑟s /
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verb (used with object), sac路ri路ficed, sac路ri路fic路ing.
verb (used without object), sac路ri路ficed, sac路ri路fic路ing.
Baseball. to make a sacrifice hit: He sacrificed in the top of the fourth with a fly ball that brought in the go-ahead run from third base.
to offer or make a sacrifice.
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Origin of sacrifice

First recorded in 1225鈥75; Middle English sacrifice, sacrifis(e), from Old French sacrefise, sacrefice, from Latin sacrificium 鈥渙ffering made to a deity, sacrifice,鈥 equivalent to sacri- (combining form of sacer 鈥渉oly, sacred鈥) + -fic-, combining form of facere 鈥渢o make, build, construct鈥 + -ium noun suffix; see origin at do1; see also -ium


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What does聽sacrifice聽mean?

A sacrifice is something important or precious that is given up for the sake of gaining something or allowing something to happen that is considered more important, as in I had to work hard and make a lot of sacrifices to achieve success.

The word can also refer to the habitual act of giving things up in this way, as in Achieving success requires hard work and sacrifice.

Sacrifice can also be used as a verb meaning to give something up in this way, as in I had to work hard and sacrifice to achieve success.

Sometimes, the word is used in situations involving surrendering something to prevent something bad from happening, as in She sacrificed herself to save us.

In all of these cases, the thing being sacrificed can be tangible, like a valued object, or intangible, like time or health, as in, I would never sacrifice my health just to make more money.

The word sacrifice is often used in the context of religion to refer to an offering or to the act of offering something to the god or gods being worshipped. Such a sacrifice might be an animal that is killed. The central figure of Christianity, Jesus, is viewed by Christians as having been a sacrifice for the sake of human salvation.

The adjective sacrificial is used to describe things that involve or are given as sacrifices.

Example: There is simply not enough money in the budget, so we鈥檙e all going to have to make sacrifices and give up some things that we鈥檙e used to having.

Where does聽sacrifice聽come from?

The first records of the word sacrifice come from the 1200s. It comes from the Latin sacrificium, from sacer, meaning 鈥渉oly,鈥 and facere, meaning 鈥渢o make.鈥 The root sacer is also the basis for words like sacred and sacrilege.

Sacrifice is always used in the context of giving something up for a higher purpose, whether that purpose is religious or not. The thing being sacrificed, even if precious, is considered less important than what giving it up can allow to happen. Synonyms of the verb sacrifice include surrender and forfeit. The verb phrase give up can mean the same thing but is more casual.

In chess, a player is said to sacrifice a piece when they allow it to be captured in order to gain an advantage. In baseball, the word sacrifice refers to a play that helps a baserunner to advance but that will (likely) result in an out for the batter, such as a sacrifice fly.

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How is聽sacrifice聽used in real life?

The word sacrifice can be used in many different contexts. In all cases, it involves offering or surrendering something for the purpose of a cause considered more important than the thing being given up.

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Which of the following words is a synonym of sacrifice?

A. surrender
B. forfeit
C. give up
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How to use sacrifice in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for sacrifice

/ (藞s忙kr瑟藢fa瑟s) /

to make a sacrifice (of); give up, surrender, or destroy (a person, thing, etc)
chess to permit or force one's opponent to capture (a piece) freely, as in playing a combination or gambithe sacrificed his queen and checkmated his opponent on the next move

Derived forms of sacrifice

sacrificeable, adjectivesacrificer, noun

Word Origin for sacrifice

C13: via Old French from Latin sacrificium, from sacer holy + facere to make
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