[ sey-dee ]


  1. a female given name, form of Sara or Sarah.

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Example Sentences

On the other end of the televisions are people such as Sadie, and my father, and me.

Sadie Holloway and Olive Byrne lived out their days together.

My aunt Sadie, God bless her, gave us some kind of a stipend that kept us alive.

Sadie, a 24-year-old graphic designer from Reno, Nevada, has a purely positive story.

Taking Molly is a big risk—but so is taking other things, Sadie says.

I especially love the relationship between the girl narrator, Abilene Tucker, and Miss Sadie, the wise older seer of Manifest.

Charnock hesitated about meeting Sadie at breakfast, but found her calm and apparently good-humored.

Sadie did not often sulk, and he was grateful because she said nothing about what had happened on the previous night.

After all, Sadie was really treating him well; she might, for example, have stopped his getting liquor.

Moreover, Sadie was not about and would not come home until afternoon; he might get back before her.

Sadie, putting her foot on the wheel when the ostler held up the light, saw Charnock lying on a bundle of sacks.





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