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[ sad-nis ]


  1. the quality or state of being sad; sorrow:

    It’s frustrating to know the sadness you’re feeling and not be able to help you.

  2. an instance of sorrow:

    How can you be so unaware of the sadnesses these children have experienced?

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sadness1

First recorded in 1300–50; Middle English sadnesse; sad ( def ) + -ness ( def )

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Example Sentences

When incidents occur in Washington that people make parallels to Miriam, it just creates a great sense of anxiety and hurt and sadness, knowing that she wasn’t given consideration.

After that first short burst, other feelings can flow, starting with sadness to grieve the loss of safety, then fear and regret, or what we would do differently next time.

I hope that in 2021, we’ll have less sadness and anxiety in common.

From Quartz

So, some would argue that emotions like fear, and also emotions like sadness, get us to withdraw a little bit to that which we know is going to work.

The Kealohas’ unraveling has been met with sadness and anger.

Lady Edith is so sad that her sadness nearly set the whole damned house on fire.

Mary Elizabeth Williams of Salon labels the show a “crass stunt” on a “bottom-feeding vortex of sadness network.”

But for some of us, while its closing was sad, it was a tempered sadness.

Whenever I look for a vein of sadness in Oliona it melts away.

His sadness over her descent into shooting up after managing to stay clean for a period is palpable.

And for fear of being ill spoken of weep bitterly for a day, and then comfort thyself in thy sadness.

For of sadness cometh death, and it overwhelmeth the strength, and the sorrow of the heart boweth down the neck.

Give not up thy heart to sadness, but drive it from thee: and remember the latter end.

Beauty was there; but it was the beauty of sadness; it was the crushed ruin of what might once have been bright and aspiring.

With deep personal sadness I learn that your country has urgent need of your great experience elsewhere.