safe area


  1. an area near a combat zone that is maintained as being free from military attack.

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Example Sentences

Ports are few and far between when you’re north of the Arctic Circle, so instead of shore leave, Coastguardsmen and women will locate a large slab of floating ice, cordon off a safe area, put up a watch for polar bears, and throw a football around.

From Time

Through the app, get alerts when your dog escapes designated safe areas and locate him or her in minutes with the embedded Verizon 4G LTE-M cell service.

Plus you can designate safe areas and set up alerts for when your pet leaves those spots.

Set up safe areas and alerts for when your pet decides to go on an adventure—rest easy with this location-tracking pick.

Choosing a fireproof cabinet that offers a dedicated safe area in addition to hanging file storage is also a fantastic way to store irreplaceable hard drives and other sensitive items that might otherwise suffer when exposed to high temperatures.

The ligatures, skilfully placed to confine the experiment to a safe area, gave way, beneath the whole burden of a well-fed frame.

The teamster took Transley in his arms and half carried, half dragged him into the safe area behind the backfires.





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