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[ sag-ee ]


, sag·gi·er, sag·gi·est.
  1. sagging or tending to sag:

    a saggy roof.

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Other Words From

  • saggi·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of saggy1

First recorded in 1850–55; sag + -y 1

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Example Sentences

Matched, in fact, the description of hundreds of young black men in Brooklyn: braids, dark baseball cap, saggy jeans.

This clownesque mouthpiece claims to cure your saggy cheeks and tired muscles after three minutes a day of use.

While the pants ban may seem outrageous, this is apparently not the first time saggy pants have surfaced in a court of law.

There were curious proportions with saggy leather jodhpurs and nipped-waist jackets with tiny peplums.

"He trusts me," Toback says of the fighter, now a softer, saggy 42.

She gave me a long hug, and I noticed how thin her arms had gotten, how saggy the skin on her neck was.

The old, old saggy-kneed animal would look "noble" when he picked up a bit; he showed quality, didn't he now?

It was a little disorienting, and it made her feel especially old and saggy sometimes, though he never seemed to notice.

I remember I had on a saggy skirt and a shirtwaist that must have looked like it had been improvised out of a coffee sack.

Not much of a spine, perhaps, and a little saggy about the shoulders; all in all, rather a common type.





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