Saint Lawrence


  1. a river in SE Canada, flowing northeast from Lake Ontario, forming part of the border between Canada and the US, to the Gulf of St Lawrence: commercially one of the most important rivers in the world as the easternmost link of the St Lawrence Seaway. Length: 1207 km (750 miles). Width at mouth: 145 km (90 miles)
  2. Gulf of Saint Lawrence
    Gulf of Saint Lawrence a deep arm of the Atlantic off the E coast of Canada between Newfoundland and the mainland coasts of Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia

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Example Sentences

Severe gales were encountered in the River Saint Lawrence, which compelled the ship to take refuge in the island.

An honest preferment, to be his sick nurse, by Saint Lawrence his gridiron!

Numerous large and rapid rivers run into the great river Saint Lawrence.

"May you be roasted on a gridiron like Saint Lawrence," gasped the irate priest.


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