St. Thomas


[uh-kwahy-nuh s]
  1. Saint Thomasthe Angelic Doctor, 1225?–74, Italian scholastic philosopher: a major theologian of the Roman Catholic Church.
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Saint Thomas

noun usually abbreviated to: St Thomas
  1. an island in the E Caribbean, in the Virgin Islands of the US. Capital: Charlotte Amalie. Pop: 51 181 (2000). Area: 83 sq km (28 sq miles)
  2. the former name (1921–37) of Charlotte Amalie
Usually abbreviated to: St Thomas


  1. Saint Thomas. 1225–74, Italian theologian, scholastic philosopher, and Dominican friar, whose works include Summa contra Gentiles (1259–64) and Summa Theologiae (1267–73), the first attempt at a comprehensive theological system. Feast day: Jan 28See also Thomism
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