[ san-see-mawn ]

  1. Comte de, 1760–1825, French philosopher and social scientist.

  2. Louis de Rou·vroy [lwee duhroo-vrwa], /lwi də ruˈvrwa/, 1675–1755, French soldier, diplomat, and author.

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/ (French sɛ̃simɔ̃) /

  1. Comte de (kɔ̃t də), title of Claude Henri de Rouvroy. 1760–1825, French social philosopher, generally regarded as the founder of French socialism. He thought society should be reorganized along industrial lines and that scientists should be the new spiritual leaders. His most important work is Nouveau Christianisme (1825)

  2. Duc de (dyk də), title of Louis de Rouvroy. 1675–1755, French soldier, statesman, and writer: his Mémoires are an outstanding account of the period 1694–1723, during the reigns of Louis XIV and Louis XV

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