[ suh-lah ]


, Islam.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of salah1

From the Arabic word ṣalāh
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Example Sentences

“My brother Khaled works in a bakery around the corner from the clashes,” Fathiya Salah Zeidan told The Daily Beast.

Salah claimed the central security force was behind the attack as a ploy to discredit the student protests.

“My child has to share everything with me—he has to share hope and fear,” added Ashraf Salah, another father in the crowd.

“This is the happiest day of my life,” said Salah El-Din, 28, a Morsi supporter celebrating in Tahrir Square.

Obviously, Salah must have considered the Court to be unbiased.

The chief one is the Mosque of Salah Bey, with its marble decorations chiselled out by the hand of the slave of an olden time.

The noise awoke him; and he had slain two of the meaner assassins, when a blow from Salah Beg deprived him of existence.

His right arm was dislocated— Tangan kanan-nia sudah salah urat.

I should be doing wrong to receive it, and I am ashamed to return it— Handak trima salah, handak pulang-kan malu.

Lepas baadah, and lepas baadah salah, After (Fridays) prayers (in the mosque), about 1.30 P.M.





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