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[ sey-lee-uhns, seyl-yuhns ]


  1. the state or condition of being salient.
  2. a salient or projecting object, part, or feature.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of salience1

First recorded in 1830–40; salient, -ence
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Example Sentences

The virus will continue to mutate and, through natural selection, evolve, a fact that does not surprise the scientific community but has taken on new salience amid the recent bulletins about problematic variants.

In a nutshell, salience is concerned with measuring how much of a piece of content is concerned with a specific topic or entity.

If you want to better understand how natural language processing works, you may start by getting familiar with the concept of salience.

Google measures salience as it tries to draw relationships between the different entities present in an article.

The timing gives added salience to efforts aimed at addressing vaccine hesitancy among people of color.

But even so, it's a really interesting thought, that a bigger increase could have greater political salience.

Some have disputed the salience of Vietnam for the Afghan strategy debate.

In it the chisel has merely reproduced the contours of the eyelids and the salience of the eyeball.

From this salience her small chin retreated delicately into her pink throat.

In the Khorsabad relief (Fig. 107) the salience of these horns is less marked.

Above a plinth with a gentle salience rises the altar itself, supported at each angle by the paw of a lion.

He gave them a slight salience over the façade and a polychromatic decoration.





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