noun (used with a plural verb)

(in ancient Rome) a college of priests of Mars and Quirinus who guarded the ancilia and led the festivities in their honor.

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Historical Examples of salii

  • In one of these fragments the Salii placate Leucesius, the god of lightning.

  • The word Salii was consistently printed as Sal; it has been corrected for the e-text.

    A Treatise on the Art of Dancing

    Giovanni-Andrea Gallini

  • The Salii were from early times priests of Mars, who danced in armor, and sang old hymns.

    Ten Great Religions

    James Freeman Clarke

  • They were conterminous with the Salii—Ὑπεδεξάμην μὲν μοῖραν τοῦ Σαλίων ἔθνους, Χαμάβους δὲ ἐξήλασα.

    The English Language

    Robert Gordon Latham

  • The Salii celebrated Mars at seed-time—in the month which bears his name, mensis Martius.