[ suh-lee-nuhs ]


  1. a city in W California.

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Example Sentences

While text classification capabilities are being used for economic intelligence and financial data extraction, per Salinas.

In Salinas, the challenge of making big data relevant to farm managers is also about consolidating the universe of information farms already collect—or, perhaps, don’t.

Cooled by coastal mists rolling off the Pacific, the Salinas valley is sometimes called America’s Salad Bowl.

When GeoVisual first got to Salinas, in 2017, “we came in promising the future, and then we didn’t deliver,” says Charles McGregor, its 27-year-old general manager.

Because we’re not doing it, what you see are pictures like the one that went viral of two girls sitting outside of a Taco Bell in Salinas, California, not for lunch—they were there because they were using the free Wi-Fi signal.

Salinas was the home town of John Steinbeck, author of The Grapes of Wrath and great chronicler of Depression-era California.

Today for many in hardscrabble, majority-Latino Salinas, home to 150,000 people, The Grapes of Wrath is less lyrical than real.

Most of the laborers employed in the salinas suffer from diseases of the skin and rheumatism.

The Indians, when they come from the mountains to convey salt, never take their llamas to the salinas.

Presently we rode past a long chain of salinas, which glittered and sparkled whitely in the sun.

That night we slept on Salinas Plain, and the next morning reached Monterey.

It is described as resembling the salinas of New Mexico, and the quantity of salt as inexhaustible.