[sey-leen, -lahyn]
  1. of, containing, or resembling common table salt; salty or saltlike: a saline solution.
  2. of or relating to a chemical salt, especially of sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc., as used as a cathartic.
  3. of or relating to a method of abortion involving injection of hypertonic saline solution into the amniotic cavity during the second trimester.
  1. a sterile solution of sodium chloride used to dilute medications or for intravenous therapy.
  2. salty water; a salty solution.

Origin of saline

1400–50; Middle English: composed of salt < Latin salīnus salty, equivalent to sal sal + -īnus -ine1
Related formssa·lin·i·ty [suh-lin-i-tee] /səˈlɪn ɪ ti/, nounhy·per·sa·line, adjectivehy·per·sa·lin·i·ty, nounnon·sa·line, adjectivenon·sa·lin·i·ty, nounsem·i·sa·line, adjectivesub·sa·line, adjectivesub·sa·lin·i·ty, nounun·sa·line, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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  1. of, concerned with, consisting of, or containing common salta saline taste
  2. med of or relating to a saline
  3. of, concerned with, consisting of, or containing any chemical salt, esp a metallic salt resembling sodium chloride
  1. med an isotonic solution of sodium chloride in distilled water
Derived Formssalinity (səˈlɪnɪtɪ), noun

Word Origin for saline

C15: from Late Latin salīnus, from Latin sal salt
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Word Origin and History for salinity

1650s; see saline + -ity.



"made of salt," c.1500, probably from a Latin word related to salinum "salt cellar" and salinae "salt pits," from sal (genitive salis) "salt" (see salt (n.)). Also in Middle English as a noun meaning "salt pit" (13c.). Saline solution attested from 1833.

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salinity in Medicine


[sālēn′, -līn′]
  1. Of, relating to, or containing salt; salty.
  2. Of or relating to chemical salts.
  1. A salt of magnesium or of the alkalis, used in medicine as a cathartic.
  2. A saline solution, especially one that is isotonic to blood.
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salinity in Science


  1. Of or containing salt.
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