[sawlz-ber-ee, -buh-ree, -bree or especially for 4, 5, salz-]


Harrison,1908–93, U.S. journalist and writer.
Robert Arthur Tal·bot Gas·coyne Cecil [tawl-buh t gas-koin, tal-] /ˈtɔl bət ˈgæs kɔɪn, ˈtæl-/, 3rd Marquis of,1830–1903, British statesman: prime minister 1885–86, 1886–92, 1895–1902.
former name of Harare.
a city in Wiltshire, in S England: cathedral.
a city in central North Carolina.
a city in E Maryland. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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  • The photos were shot by Danny Clinch in the Salisbury House museum in Des Moines, Iowa.

  • That's what happened when the couple stood as they listened to the National Anthem today in Salisbury.

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    Two Steps Behind

    Tom Sykes

    May 1, 2012

  • There's an ancient joke about a young MP who, late in the 19th century, posed a question to the aged Marquess of Salisbury.

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    Obama's Radical Embrace?

    David Frum

    March 8, 2012

  • It was then that the counselors broke open a huge can of something called Salisbury steak and heated it over an open fire.

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    The Weirdest Food Trend Ever

    Robert Rosenthal

    July 15, 2010

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the former name (until 1982) of Harare
a city in S Australia: an industrial suburb of N Adelaide. Pop: 118 422 (2006)
a city in S England, in SE Wiltshire: nearby Old Sarum was the site of an Early Iron Age hill fort; its cathedral (1220–58) has the highest spire in England. Pop: 43 355 (2001)Ancient name: Sarum Official name: New Sarum




Robert Gascoyne Cecil (ˈɡæskɔɪn), 3rd Marquess of Salisbury. 1830–1903, British statesman; Conservative prime minister (1885–86; 1886–92; 1895–1902). His greatest interest was in foreign and imperial affairs
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