/ ˈsæmənd /


  1. SalmondAlex1954MScottishPOLITICS: politician Alex ( ander Elliot Anderson ). born 1954, Scottish Nationalist politician; first minister of the Scottish Parliament from 2007

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Example Sentences

Salmond, 59, said he had made the decision because it was time to hand over the struggle to a new generation.

Typically of Salmond he stood down not with the kind words of a retiree, but with the point-scoring aggression of an old warrior.

“Alex Salmond has been watching too much Braveheart,” he said.

Salmond had initially asked for a package of additional powers, known as “Devo max” to be included on the ballot paper.

He was comprehensively out-foxed by Salmond, the Scottish National Party leader, who now finds himself in a win-win position.

Then the sales-manager, that driving but festive soul, Mr. Charles Salmond, whom everybody called “Chas.”

The name of a Captain Salmond of the now extinct parish or manor of Salterford is connected with this transaction.





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