[ sal-muh-nel-uh ]
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noun,plural sal·mo·nel·lae [sal-muh-nel-ee]. /ˌsæl məˈnɛl i/. Bacteriology.
  1. any of several rod-shaped, facultatively anaerobic bacteria of the genus Salmonella, as S. typhosa, that may enter the digestive tract of humans and other mammals in contaminated food and cause abdominal pains and violent diarrhea.

Origin of salmonella

<New Latin (1900), after Daniel E. Salmon (1850–1914), U.S. pathologist; see -ella

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British Dictionary definitions for salmonella


/ (ˌsælməˈnɛlə) /

nounplural -lae (-ˌliː)
  1. any Gram-negative rod-shaped aerobic bacterium of the genus Salmonella, including S. typhosa, which causes typhoid fever, and many species (notably S. enteritidis) that cause food poisoning (salmonellosis): family Enterobacteriaceae

Origin of salmonella

C19: New Latin, named after Daniel E. Salmon (1850–1914), US veterinary surgeon

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Scientific definitions for salmonella


[ săl′mə-nĕlə ]

Plural salmonellae (săl′mə-nĕlē) salmonellas
  1. Any of various gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria of the genus Salmonella that cause food poisoning and typhoid fever in humans and other mammals.

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Cultural definitions for salmonella


[ (sal-muh-nel-uh) ]

A category of bacteria that occurs in many pathogenic forms. One kind causes typhoid fever; there is evidence that other kinds cause various forms of food poisoning.

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