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[suh-lon-i-kuh, sal-uh-nee-kuh]
  1. Also Sa·lon·i·ca [suh-lon-i-kuh, sal-uh-nee-kuh] /səˈlɒn ɪ kə, ˌsæl əˈni kə/, Sa·lo·ni·ki [Greek sah-law-nee-kee] /Greek ˌsɑ lɔˈni ki/. Official name Thessalonike. Ancient Therma. a seaport in south-central Macedonia, in NE Greece, on the Gulf of Salonika.
  2. Gulf of, an arm of the Aegean, in NE Greece. 70 miles (113 km) long.
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Historical Examples of salonika

  • I said all this to Napier and a lot more besides and left him keener on Salonika than ever.

    Gallipoli Diary, Volume 2

    Ian Hamilton

  • The despatch of the Salonika force and their outfit are absorbing all my energies.

  • Although Salonika is going to be our ruin, I can still spare some pity for Sarrail.

  • No date for the sailing of our troops for Salonika can yet be fixed, and we may get them back.

  • Altham has been at Salonika and came over to report how things were going there.

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  1. the English name for Thessaloníki
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