[ sal-pin-jek-tuh-mee ]
/ ˌsæl pɪnˈdʒɛk tə mi /

noun, plural sal·pin·gec·to·mies. Surgery.

excision of the Fallopian tube.

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Origin of salpingectomy

1885–90; salping- + -ectomy Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for salpingectomy

  • Salpingectomy is more serious, because the operation can not be performed so near the surface of the body.

    Applied Eugenics|Paul Popenoe and Roswell Hill Johnson
  • Salpingectomy is the cutting away of the whole or of a piece of the Fallopian tube (corresponds to vasectomy in the male).

    Woman|William J. Robinson
  • Vasectomy, ovariotomy and salpingectomy (with and without complete excision), castration.

  • To consider in the first place the operation of simple sterilization (vasectomy or salpingectomy).

    Mental Defectives and Sexual Offenders|W. H. Triggs, Donald McGavin, Frederick Truby King, J. Sands Elliot, Ada G. Patterson, C.E. Matthews and J. Beck

British Dictionary definitions for salpingectomy


/ (ˌsælpɪnˈdʒɛktəmɪ) /

noun plural -mies

surgical removal of a Fallopian tube

Word Origin for salpingectomy

C20: from salpinx + -ectomy

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Medicine definitions for salpingectomy


[ săl′pĭn-jĕktə-mē ]


Surgical removal of the fallopian tube.tubectomy

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