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/ sɔːlts /

plural noun

  1. med any of various mineral salts, such as magnesium sulphate or sodium sulphate, for use as a cathartic
  2. short for smelling salts
  3. like a dose of salts informal.
    very fast

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Example Sentences

Have we become a nation of Veruca Salts from “Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory,” who are unbearably demanding?

One easy way to build them back up is to take a bath with Epsom salts, which contain sulfur.

It was probably cut with something, probably methylone, a.k.a. bath salts.

It can contain salts, metals, and sediments that are sometimes toxic or radioactive.

Dickie Sanders, 21, had tried various kinds of drugs before, but snorting “Cloud Nine” bath salts resulted in his death.

Carbolic Acid … liquid … oil … sweet oil … castor oil … aperient … Epsom Salts … white … white of egg.

Lime salts also possess the power of transforming renninogen into the active ferment.

The recent researches of Brustlein have shown that lime does cause the organic matters to absorb ammonia from its salts.

They are extremely prone to change, and in presence of animal matters readily ferment, and are converted into salts of ammonia.

I made him smell the salts which I had with me, and when we reached his house only the shivering remained.





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