[ suh-mahr-uh ]


  1. a town in central Iraq, on the Tigris: seat of the early Abassid caliphs.

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Example Sentences

He prepared operations south of Samarra and north of Baghdad.

It has been six months since unknown insurgents destroyed the Al-Askari mosque in Samarra.

She says, Shi'a people leave Adh Dhouloueya and go to Samarra.

They are the victims of Shia death squads in Samarra and Tikrit.

“The Peace Brigades have been welcomed by the Sunni people of Samarra,” he said.

Samarra is itself historic enough, though it only appears in Western history as the scene of the action in which Julian fell.

He was born in 777, wrote extensively (since at least forty of his works have been catalogued), and died in 857 in Samarra.

Samarra is very ancient, and has passed through periods of great depression and equally great expansion.

Between Daur and Samarra there was nothing but desert, with gazelles and jackals the only permanent inhabitants.

The country around Samarra is not unlike in character the southern part of Arizona and northern Sonora.