/ (ˈsæmjɛl) /


another word for simoom

Word Origin for samiel

C17: from Turkish samyeli, from sam poisonous + yel wind
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Examples from the Web for samiel

  • Agathe falls with a shriek, but is protected by her wreath, while Samiel directs the bullet to Caspar's heart.

    The Opera|R.A. Streatfeild
  • The simoom, sirocco, samiel, and kamsin seem to be modifications of the same wind from the desert.

    The Sailor's Word-Book|William Henry Smyth
  • Simoon, typhoon, and samiel, are believed to be the names of demons.

    Toilers of the Sea|Victor Hugo
  • The simoon of Africa is the typhoon of China and the samiel of India.

    Toilers of the Sea|Victor Hugo