San Clemente

[ san kluh-men-tee ]


  1. a town in S California.

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Example Sentences

Born in San Clemente, California, to a former pro surfer father who had his son out in the waves not long after he’d exited the womb, Andino has long been described as the World Tour’s all-American kid and a world-title threat.

San Clemente is known for having some natural seeps, but when they spout it’s usually a pretty substantial “belch,” Valentine said.

When I lived in the surfing hub of San Clemente, California, I was always looking for magic surfboards—those that elevated the wave-riding experience to new levels.

Later I heard the whole LA basin was flooded, all the way from the Hollywood Hills down to San Clemente, past Irvine where I grew up.

She was a junior press aide and went with Richard Nixon to San Clemente after he resigned.

She walked a hundred yards or more down the hill, towards San Clemente, and then stood still to think.

Access is obtained to San Clemente through a forecourt to which the name of the atrium is given.

Those of San Clemente had, and still have, a reputation for superior skill in confectionary.

We stopped at San Clemente on our way back, hoping to see the underground church, but it was too late.

Lope de Vera was the son of a gentleman of San Clemente, of gentle blood and limpieza.





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