San Joaquin

[ san wo-keen ]


  1. a river in California, flowing NW from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Sacramento River. 350 miles (560 km) long.

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Example Sentences

The unusually hot, stagnant air has made it the worst pollution season ever in the San Joaquin Valley.

However, the plan fizzled when the San Joaquin county sheriff learned of the day trip, and put the breaks on the plan.

When fully rested, they proceeded to the San Joaquin river down which they began trapping.

Immediately there was a keen demand among the residents of San Joaquin Valley for summer homes on the shores of the lake.

I've had a touch of chills an' fever ever since I used to run mate up the San Joaquin sloughs.

Beyond this point the explorers entered the northwest corner of the San Joaquin Valley, or the western tip of the delta.

He evidently did not fully understand the relations of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers at their junction.





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