San Lorenzo

[ san luh-ren-zoh ]


  1. a town in W California, near San Francisco Bay.

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In a major revelation, lidar data detected a previously unrecognized ceremonial space at an early Olmec settlement called San Lorenzo.

For instance, colossal head sculptures at San Lorenzo and another Olmec center, La Venta, reflect the presence there of class systems run by kings and a ruling elite.

Frequent contacts among diverse societies across the region resulted in the initial spread of the San Lorenzo ceremonial blueprint and the adoption of a sequence of four variations on that theme over the next 2,000 years, Inomata’s team suggests.

Innovations in building ceremonial complexes appear to have emerged elsewhere possibly by around 100 years after San Lorenzo got the ball rolling, Estrada-Belli says.

But inside the church of San Lorenzo in Giglio harbor, Father Lorenzo Pasquotti keeps something slightly different.

On the island of San Lorenzo these phenomena were particularly remarked.

It was only when the Church of San Lorenzo was reached that the police at length thought fit to intervene.

The castle of San Lorenzo was quickly captured, and a large amount of merchandise and plate found in the place.

Thereafter they crossed four arroyos "with little water," the last one of which was San Lorenzo Creek.

So soon as they entered that barren tract, he knew that the Flor de San Lorenzo could not live there.


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