San Miguel

[ sahn mee-gel ]


  1. a city in E El Salvador.

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Example Sentences

“San Miguel is a very small place and when someone shows up to invest lots of money, everyone hears about it,” he said.

Another couple, Robert and Karen Adams, did the same when they bought a home in San Miguel 13 years ago.

For decades, Americans have escaped to San Miguel for the culture, climate, and to pursue their artistic passions.

San Miguel may be a new idea for many trendy travelers, but it is hardly a new location.

With three others, they now constitute the San Miguel Five and play a combination of Afro-Latin, classical, and gypsy jazz.

However, contrary to their misgiving, they had not to submit to any insult, and entered without any obstacle San Miguel de Tucumn.

Yet, he did not dream of the thrilling experiences that were awaiting them all at the very doors of the church of San Miguel.

The cabildo of San Miguel de Tucumn was gay with excitement, and brilliantly lighted up.

In front of the church of San Miguel, the second house from the corner had a peaked roof, covered with large red tiles.

At San Miguel the band of desperadoes came across an entrenchment manned by Spaniards.





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