San Salvador

[ san sal-vuh-dawr; Spanish sahn sahl-vah-th awr ]
/ sæn ˈsæl vəˌdɔr; Spanish sɑn ˌsɑl vɑˈðɔr /


Also called Watling Island. an island in the E central Bahamas: long held to be the first land in the New World sighted by Christopher Columbus 1492. 60 sq. mi. (155 sq. km).Compare Samana Cay.
a city in and the capital of El Salvador.



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El Salvador
[ el sal-vuh-dawr; Spanish el sahl-vah-th awr ]
/ ɛl ˈsæl vəˌdɔr; Spanish ɛl ˌsɑl vɑˈðɔr /


a republic in NW Central America. 13,176 sq. mi. (34,125 sq. km). Capital: San Salvador.
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El Salvador
/ (ɛl ˈsælvəˌdɔː) /


a republic in Central America, on the Pacific: colonized by the Spanish from 1524; declared independence in 1841, becoming a republic in 1856. It consists of coastal lowlands rising to a central plateau. Coffee constitutes over a third of the total exports. Official language: Spanish. Religion: Roman Catholic majority. Currency: US dollar. Capital: San Salvador. Pop: 6 108 590 (2013 est). Area: 21 393 sq km (8236 sq miles)

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San Salvador
/ (sæn ˈsælvəˌdɔː, Spanish san salβaˈðɔr) /


the capital of El Salvador, situated in the SW central part: became capital in 1841; ruined by earthquakes in 1854 and 1873; university (1841). Pop: 1 472 000 (2005 est)
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El Salvador

Republic on the Pacific coast of Central America, bordered to the west by Guatemala, to the north and east by Honduras, and to the south by the Pacific Ocean. San Salvador is its capital and largest city.

notes for El Salvador

Torn by civil unrest and characterized by guerrilla warfare and terrorism (which has included the murder of American civilians), El Salvador became in the 1980s a controversial focus of an American foreign policy that sought to protect American interests in Central America. Unrest eased in the 1990s.

Cultural definitions for san salvador (2 of 2)

San Salvador

Capital of El Salvador and the largest city in the country, located in central El Salvador.

notes for San Salvador

The city has suffered from recurrent and severe earthquakes.
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