Sancho Panza

[ san-choh pan-zuh; Spanish sahn-chaw pahn-thah ]
/ ˈsæn tʃoʊ ˈpæn zə; Spanish ˈsɑn tʃɔ ˈpɑn θɑ /


the credulous and amusing squire of Don Quixote.

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[ pan-zuh; Spanish pahn-thah, -sah ]
/ ˈpæn zə; Spanish ˈpɑn θɑ, -sɑ /


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Cultural definitions for sancho panza

Sancho Panza
[ (sahn-choh pahn-zuh, san-choh pan-zuh) ]

In Don Quixote, the down-to-Earth peasant who accompanies the idealistic, deluded Don on his adventures. Sancho is a delightful coward, more interested in material comfort and safety than in performing courageous acts.

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