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[ sangk-shuhnd ]


  1. authorized, approved, or allowed:

    Locke's main argument was that unlimited accumulation of wealth was moral, religiously sanctioned, and logical.

  2. officially or formally ratified or confirmed:

    The event is run exclusively in association with the National Franchise Association, so participating franchisees have all met the NFA-sanctioned code of ethics.

  3. penalized, especially by way of discipline or to force compliance with legal obligations:

    The embargo had no real impact—but how often have we ever seen a sanctioned political leader say, “OK, I guess I’ll give in now”?


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of sanction.

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Other Words From

  • non·sanc·tioned adjective
  • qua·si-sanc·tioned adjective
  • un·sanc·tioned adjective
  • well-sanc·tioned adjective

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Example Sentences

In August, the Tech Transparency Project uncovered shipping records showing Apple was importing cotton T-shirts from a company in Xinjiang that Congress imposed sanctions on for its alleged use of forced labor.

Federal records show child labor sanctions against just one Illinois factory over the past five years, and none involving temp agencies.

When health care workers in Nevada and Vermont reported false positives, HHS defended the tests and threatened Nevada with unspecified sanctions until state officials agreed to continue using them in nursing homes.

In terms of sanctions for noncompliance, the bill would allow fines of up to 5% of global revenues and jail terms of up to five years.

From Fortune

Jenkins now finds himself in the position of trying to enforce “zero tolerance” and “severe sanctions” for similar superspreader events amid an undefeated football season.

Someone who regularly rebels against the most socially sanctioned night of the year?

The Moscow protest was not sanctioned, which meant every participant risked arrest.

Before Cuba was shunned and sanctioned, it was a handy place for the randy.

Even worse than state violence, though, is state-sanctioned violence.

“When I first started here, maybe only one or two people were being sanctioned,” McLean explains.

Parliament had sanctioned a junction, but not such a junction, the Midland said, as it was proposed to make.

And when we contemplate aright the exercise as sanctioned by the procedure of God, how distinctly are these brought before us!

"Umbrellas are at a premium," observed Mr. Hillary, with the freedom long intimacy had sanctioned.

The outdoor relief sanctioned for able-bodied men was strictly limited to persons who were not in employment for hire.

The proposals sanctioned by the Central Authority go up to a capital outlay of 350 per bed.





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