sand castle


  1. a mass of sand moulded into a castle-like shape, esp as made by a child on the seashore

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Example Sentences

And there, the sand castle builder and tag player who loved her aunt more than science would be buried.

And, these being artists, no one actually made a traditional sand castle.

The annual battle to build the most outrageously creative sand castle was held on Rockaway Beach in Queens on Friday.

"We are in a sand castle building competition, and we decided to BE the trophy," one member of the team said.

Temporary ones would go out before it, washed away like a child's sand castle in a Fundy tide.

Having found these things, they entered into a contented peace, and built a sand castle.

How do you expect to get into Sand Castle the ridiculous size that you are at present?

I wonder which of them is to show me the way to Sand Castle.

It dissolved before his eyes as a sand castle on the shore dissolves at the touch of an incoming tide.